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How to Use the Excel CHAR Function

We can use the excel CHAR function to return a character once we supply a valid character code. This is useful for specifying characters that are difficult to enter in a formula. This article will walk through the process of using the CHAR function.

Figure 1: Result and Comment after using the Excel CHAR function





Setting up the Data

The excel CHAR Function is valid for numbers between 1 and 255. Any number aside this range will produce a VALUE! error as the output. Use the UNICHAR function for numbers greater than 255.

  • We will input the chosen numbers as shown in figure 2, Column A
  • We will have the Output or result in Column B and Column C will be for comments based on the output

Figure 2: Setting up the Data for the Excel CHAR function

Applying the Excel CHAR Function

  • We will click on Cell A4
  • We will input the formula below into Cell A4


  • We will press the enter key

Figure 3: Result for Cell A4 Using the Excel CHAR function


  • We will use the fill handle to drag down and copy the formula into the other output cells


Figure 4: Result of the Excel CHAR function

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