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Clean and reformat telephone numbers

A well-known predicament that a majority of individuals come in contact with when dealing with business and management information and details is incorrectly formatted telephone numbers. A large majority of men and women are considerably more accustomed to the traditional ten digit telephone number structure exactly comparable to 123-123-1234 or (123) 123 1234, in spite of this, however,  as soon as you have acquired that client’s information, it turns out that just a small number of their telephone numbers contained in it have a preference for the above-mentioned structure.

On the contrary, you would most possibly have to deal with an in-numerous amount of telephone numbers like 1231231234, 12312 31234, (123)123-1234 etc. Excel allows for a commonly used equation in an effort to successfully dispose of every single one of the undesired elements discovered within the client’s contact material, then simply carry-out  Excel’s incorporated telephone number structure.

This post will show you how to clean and reformat telephone numbers in Excel with SUBSTITUTE function

Generic formula


How to use the CLEAN and REFORMAT TELEPHONE NUMBERS function in Excel

Excel cleans up and reformats telephone numbers by removing every single one of the unnecessary properties, subsequently implementing an integrated telephone number structure.

This structure operates by way of simply by doing away with redundant gaps, hyphens, periods, parentheses, and commas by using a range of incorporated SUBSTITUTE (or ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT) functions.

Figure 1. Example 1 of CLEAN and REFORMAT TELEPHONE NUMBERS function.

  • Create a table in your Excel sheet and adjust it to accommodate your needs.
  • Enter the raw data/phone number received from the client in the cells within first column.
  • The structure logarithm extends from the inside out, with every individual ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT doing away with a single redundant symbol. Factor in the ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT structure in the cell within the subsequent identical set of numbers and the deepest ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT wipes out the left parentheses, and the outcome is presented to the subsequent ALTERNATIVE REPLACEMENT, which proceeds to wipe out the right parentheses, comma, or any other undesirable elements.


At the same time, just remember to observe that when working with the Excel SUBSTITUTE Function, the end product could possibly be made available as text. Unsurprisingly, because you are not able to carry out a numbered structure to text, you will find yourself having to modify the text to a number. An excellent way for you to accomplish this is to integrate zero (+0), this will completely on its own modify every single quantity in the text structure into numbers in numeric/digit structure.

Additionally, each time you are making use of a series of structures, it is possible that you will have to deal with some challenges in looking through and analyzing the structure not to mention maintaining each of the parentheses in their distinct sequence. Excel is not able to comprehend or even take note of any additional “white spaces” which sometimes may show up when you are inputting a structure. So you can sort this out by including sentence breaks or cracks in the structure to make it easier for you to understand. Just to illustrate, the structure logarithm above can alternatively be drafted as depicted below:


It really must be mentioned at this point that a cell occurs in between, with the structure names above and substitutions underneath. This method does not merely make the structure easily understandable, moreover, it makes it simple to be able to integrate and eliminate substitutions.

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