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Cell contains number

Microsoft Excel is considered to be excellent software. It is used for sorting out figures, numbers, amounts etc. using a systematic approach. It can determine if a cell contains the number in a text string given on an excel sheet. It figures out the presence of a number in a text string or text, and it separates it accordingly. The following comprehensive guideline discusses determining if the cell contains number:

Estimating if a text string on excel cell contains number:

Figure 1. Example of estimating if a text string on Excel cell contains a number




If you are considering confirming the presence of a numeric figure in a text string or cell then, you can employ the use of FIND and COUNT function together for finding if a cell contains the number. In the general formula given above and highlighted in the Excel sheet as well, B4 is representing the cell that you are testing. The set of numbers 0-9 encloses in parenthesis represents the number which would be checked for in a respective cell.

How does this formula work?

The FIND function is responsible for returning a number mentioned in a text string in a cell. If you come up with #VALUE! error then, you may be using the formula incorrectly. For instance, the cell B4 contains numbers in the 24th position. So, if we had used the given formula, we would have acquired the value of the position:


Since we are using the FIND function for estimating the presence of numbers in the cells, it will return the given outcomes:


Figure 2. Example of using a formula with respect to the position of the cell

In other terms, the FIND feature is only dedicated to estimating the value in the prescribed cell which contains the number as well as the text. If the function is applied to an empty cell then, it would result in an error in the value.

Figure 3. Example of applying the FIND function to an empty cell

The last step in the formula is pertinent to the comparison between the FIND and COUNT functions with respect to zero. If a cell contains any sort of number, it would show TRUE else, it would result in FALSE. Alternatively, you can use the alternative formula given below:

=IF(COUNT(FIND({0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9},B4))>0, "Yes", "No")

Figure 4. Example of using an alternative formula for finding if cell contains number

Figure 5. Example of finding out if the cell contains a number using an alternative formula

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