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Cell Contains All of Many Things

We can use a formula that deploys the SEARCH function, with the help of ISNUMBER, SUMPRODUCT and COUNTA function to test if a cell contains all of many things in a list. For you to understand how this is done, here is a post that provides a clear guide about it.

Figure 1: Testing if cell contains all of many things

Syntax of the formula

=SUMPRODUCT (--ISNUMBER (SEARCH (things, A1))) =COUNTA (things)


  • =ISNUMBER (SEARCH (things, A1) – is responsible for searching a single substring in a cell. If the cell contains a substring, the result is TRUE, if it doesn’t, then it is a FALSE.
  • Double negative (-) – converts TRUE into 1 and FALSE to 0.
  • SUMPRODUCT- sums the array and gives us total count. If total equals number of products inserted in “things”, result will be TRUE.
  • COUNTA- identifies non-blank cells in “things”.

How the formula works

  • This formula plays a fundamental role when it comes to testing whether a cell contains all of many things.
  • The formula uses SEARCH function with the help of ISNUMBER, SUMPRODUCT as well as the COUNTA functions.
  • The formula counts all matches present in the list just ones.
  • It then compares the count of the products we want that are present in the list.
  • If the two are similar, the all the products are listed in the cell and the formula will return a TRUE result.
  • If the two are not similar, the formula will return a FALSE result.


Figure 2: testing if cell contains many of all things

  • In our example above, our text string range is B2:B5
  • We want to find out if all the cells contain all the words in range D2:D4
  • We use the formula below to get the results as shown;


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