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Add a line break with a formula

You can add a line break using a formula in Excel. This is done by combining the CHAR function with the concatenation operator (&).


The generic formula syntax for adding a line break with a formula in Excel is:





The formula joins together the individual text value or that is seen in cell references like E8, F8 and G8 using “&”, the concatenation operator in Microsoft Excel.

The character code used in the CHAR function varies depending on the platform used. 10 is used on Windows operating system while 13 is used on Macintosh (Mac) operating system. The formula returns with adding a line break between these concatenated values in the formula.


In below image, we have text values in E8, F8 and G8 and we want to join these values adding a line break with a formula in a cell. The formula in cell H8 highlighted as shown in the screenshot is:


The formula returns the result with a line break

Luke mason¬
1567, Anders Drive¬
Houston, TX, 24390

Note: Wrap text must be enabled when using a line break formula.

Figure 1. Adding a line break with a formula


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