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Excel ARABIC Function

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Similar to other different functions in Excel, there are also ways to use the Excel ARABIC function. In this post, we’ll consider how to use the ARABIC function in Excel using syntax approach.

Excel ARABIC Function


=ARABIC (text)


The Excel ARABIC function receives Roman numbers and returns Arabic numbers. The only parameter is the text with the Roman numeral you want to convert.

Example 1


Figure 1: Excel ARABIC function

In figure 1 above, the formula in cell D4 is:

=ARABIC(B4) which returns 5.

Example 2

To input the Roman numeral directly, be sure to enclose it in a string.
The formula below converts “IX” to 9:

=ARABIC(“IX”) returns 9.

Example 3

Although a negative Roman number is non-standard, the ARABIC function also supports the evaluation of negative Roman numerals. Check the example below:

=ARABIC(“-MXMIV”) = -1994

Listed below are some Roman numbers with their corresponding Arabic number value.

Roman numerals Arabic numerals
I-IV 1-4
V-IX 5-9
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1000


  • 255 characters are the maximum length of roman_text
  • ARABIC function and ROMAN function work vice versa.
  •  If an empty text string is provided, then the Arabic function returns 0.
  • The Arabic function was introduced in MS Excel 2013, so may not be available in earlier versions of Excel.
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