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Excel CELL Function

Do you want to review information about a cell in a worksheet? Excel CELL Function is a built-in function that can help retrieve information about contents, filename, formats, size address and much more.



The Excel CELL function has the following arguments:

  • Info_type (required). A text value that specifies what type of cell information you want to return.


In order to use Excel CELL function please perform the following steps:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to display the cell information
  2. Type the Excel CELL Function
  3. Choose the Info-type from the drop-down list as seen in figure 1
  4. Press enter to display the result.

Figure 1. Displays Info-Types used in Excel CELL Function


Suppose you are a financial analyst interested in knowing if a cell has numeric or text values. The Excel CELL Function can help you figure out the type of data it contains before you performing any sort of calculation. Also, the Excel CELL Function can help verify if cells with numeric values imported from external sources have been used in calculations. Info-type represents the kind of information the Excel CELL function returns.

Have a look at the Excel CELL Function in figure 2

=CELL(“address”, B4) – has two arguments.

  • Info-type – “address”
  • Reference  – B4
  • B4 is the cell you are checking its content
  • The Excel CELL Function returns – $B$4
  • $B$4 is the address of the value -6789 in Cell C4

Figure 2. Potential results for figure 1 above


  • Enclose text values in the arguments with quotes example, like;
    =CELL (“col”, B4)
  • Missing quotes returns an error message.
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