Sum if between

Excel conditions sum and if can be combined to form sum if between conditions. This combination is necessary for adding cells or inputs which satisfy two or more criteria between given cell ranges in a sheet. This article provides a guide on how to use the sum if between conditions in excel.

Figure 1. Final result

Syntax of the formula

=SUMIFS(sum-range, criteria-range, “>criteria1”, criteria-range, “<criteria2”)

This formula works with more than one criteria. In the case above, we have the first criteria as the amount being >250 while the second one being <500. Note that the amount in the syntax refers to the named range with the amount, which is B2:B8.


SUMIFS function works with many logical operators in excel. These include “=”, “>”, “<”, “>=” and many others.

In our example above, we want to find the sum of the amount that is above $250 but less than $500. These are values found in column B. The sum_range will thus be B2:B8.

With the criteria in place, the Excel built-in function SUMIFS will sums up all the values that are greater than $250 but less than $500.

Note that our thresholds, “$250” and “$500” are excluded from the result. If you want them included, then you should replace “<” and “>” with “<=” and “>=” respectively.


Figure 2. Example

Using cell reference

We can also use cell reference in order to easily expose the threshold and easily change the amounts. This can be done using the formula below:

=SUMIFS(amount, amount, “>=” &A1, amount, “<”&B1)

In this case, A1 refers to lower threshold while B1 to upper threshold.


Figure 3. Cell reference

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