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How to Sum if One Criteria Multiple Columns

We can sum multiple columns conditionally by specifying a criterion. We can do this with a formula that is based on the SUMPRODUCT function. The steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1: Result of the Sum of Multiple Columns with Football as the Criterion

Basic Formula




Setting up the Data

  • We will set up the data by inserting the values into Column A to Column D
  • We will input football sum in Cell E4 as football will be the criterion in this example
  • The result will be displayed in Cell F4 which is currently empty

Figure 2: How to Sum if One Criteria Multiple Columns

Inserting the Formula

  • We will click on Cell F4
  • We will insert the formula below into the cell


Figure 3: How to Sum if One Criteria Multiple Columns

  • We will click on enter

Figure 4: Result of the Sum of Multiple Columns with Football as the Criterion


Formula: =SUMPRODUCT((A4:A9=”Football”)*(B4:D9))

In the formula, we use the SUMPRODUCT function to check if Cell A4 to Cell A9 contains “football.” We will have an array result of TRUE or FALSE like this:


This is multiplied by the values in the range B4:D9, where TRUE represents 1 and FALSE represents 0.

The result inside the SUMPRODUCT function looks like this:


The product is summed and the result is 24 as shown in figure 4.

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