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Sum if ends with

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We use SUMIF function and wildcard asterisk(*) to sum if cells value end with specific text. In this tutorial, you will see how sum if ends with specific text.

Sum if ends with

Generic Formula

=SUMIF(range, “*text”,sum_range)

The parameters of the function are:

range: Required. This will be the range of the values you want to test;

“*text”: Required. Text value you want to match goes with an asterisk wildcard. This means it will try to match any value that ends with “text”;

sum_range: Required. The relevant range of values that you want to sum.

Basically, the formula will test the values in a provided range if they end with “text”, and sum the relevant values in the sum_range.


Considering the example below:



Figure 1. Excel SUMIF Function


The formula in E4 is:


“*shirt” will help to match items in range A2:A8 that end with “shirt”. Then sum the equivalent values in range B2:B8.


SUMIF is not case-sensitive function. The criteria “*shirt” matches any text ends with “shirt” or “Shirt” or “SHIRT”.

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