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Sum entire column

The Excel SUM function can help us sum entire column if we do not have any limitations like the upper and lower bound.

Generic formula


In the formula, A:A specifies the entire column that we want to sum.


To sum the entire column in excel, we need the SUM function. This function is most useful when we do not have any specified bounds in a column.

How it works

To understand how to sum an entire column in excel, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the cell where you want the sum of the column to be displayed.

Step 2: Enter the formula in the selected cell

In the formula, highlight the entire column that you want to find the sum for.

To further understand how to sum the entire column in Excel, let us look at a few examples.


Figure 1: How to sum the entire column in Excel

In figure 1 above, we want to find the sum of column C. we proceed as follows:

Step 1: Click cell where we want to have the sum.

Figure 2. Colored cell is where we shall put the sum of column C

In our case, the colored cell is where we shall put the sum of column C.

Step 2: Enter the formula;


This will highlight the entire column as shown in the figure below:

Figure 3. Input range into the formula by highlighting the entire column

Step 3: Press “Enter”

The final step is to press “Enter” in order to sum the entire column. In our example, the answer shall be as shown:

Figure 4. Return value

This function is most helpful when dealing with a large range of data. It could be tedious to manually find the sum of say 1000s of cells in a column if you do not deploy this function.

Point to note about this function is that it sums up all values in a cell, whether hidden or filtered.

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