DATE Articles: Excel and Google Sheets

All resources related to DATE for Excel and Google Sheets.


Learn How to Determine Time Intervals in Excel
Time intervals are particularly useful to us especially when we are monitoring or tracking something, in work or at home.  There are two simple ways to determine time intervals in Excel : we can either use AutoFill, or simply do the Math. This step by step tutorial will walk through...
How to Calculate Elapsed Time in Excel
Calculating the elapsed time or time difference is easily done in Excel.  We simply subtract the before and after time, ensuring the correct or preferred time format.  This tutorial will step through the simple steps to calculate elapsed time in Excel. Figure 1. Calculating elapsed time in Excel Setting up...
Learn How to Add Time in Excel
Even the smartest people we know struggle with adding and subtracting time.  With Excel, this task has been made easy through the use of the TIME function.  Here’s how.   Figure 1.  How to add time in Excel Setting up the Data Create a table with Before, Add Time and...
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