CONDITIONAL FORMATTING Articles: Excel and Google Sheets

All resources related to CONDITIONAL FORMATTING for Excel and Google Sheets.


How to Combine Conditional Formatting with an IF Statement
One of the methods to achieve Conditional formatting based on a custom formula is using the IF statement. The IF function works on the IF/THEN/ELSE condition syntax. For example, “if the given argument is TRUE, THEN return this value, ELSE that value.” The IF function performs a logical test and returns one...
How to Highlight a Row Using Conditional Formatting
If you want to highlight the entire row of a table based on a value of a specified column as criteria, then you can use Conditional Formatting with a custom formula. When the given condition or criteria meets in the specified column of that table, the formula returns TRUE and...
Discover How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel
Conditional Formatting is a built-in feature in Excel, and it enables you to visualize the data by adding some user-friendly formatting based on certain rule types. As you add some basic formatting to your data set to make it more appealing and colorful, like choosing the font size, colors, headers,...
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