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Excel PERMUT Function


The Excel PERMUT function gives the number of permutations (mixes where the order is significance ) of a given number of things. To utilize PERMUT, indicate the aggregate number of things and “number picked”, which speaks to the number of things in every mix.


To get total permutations of a number in a cell and return the result as the total number of  possible permutations as a whole number

Structure Formula

=PERMUT (number, num_chosen)


Figure 1. Excel Permut Function


  • number – The summation of a number that needs to be permuted.
  • num_chosen – Number of items in each of the combination.


  • In Permutation order or sequence matters
  • If the order is not significant, utilize the COMBIN function.
  • Contentions that contain decimal esteems are truncated to whole numbers.
  • PERMUT return a #VALUE! error esteem if either contention isn’t numeric.
  • PERMUT return #NUM! on the off chance that number is not as much as number picked.
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