Excel PERCENTILE Function

The PERCENTILE function is an integrated operation in Excel which can be classified as a Statistical operation. The Excel PERCENTILE function determines the nth percentile from a collection of value ranges. You should utilize this function to calculate a guideline of validation. Simply stated, it is easy to go ahead and compare applicants who rate above the 90th percentile, 80th percentile, and so on.



How to use the PERCENTILE Function in Excel.

A percentile is a value below which a specific ratio of values in a data array (or range) fall.

  • The array is the collection of some information values that define an appropriate ranking.
  • K is the percentile value in the range 0….1, inclusive

Figure 1. EXAMPLE 1. of the PERCENTILE Function
(Note; in the example above, scores=B2:B11)

  • Insert a table in your Excel sheet and adjust to suit your needs and enter the array of corresponding values.
  • To make any sense of the utilization of PERCENTILE function, you are required to make available various sorts of values along with a figure between 0 and 1 for the “k” argument, which represents percent.
    e.g =PERCENTILE(range,.3) // 30th percentile.
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