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The PERCENTILE.EXC function in Excel which calculates the kth percentile. It tells us the percentage of values a certain percent of the whole values fall under. Here, K represents the number 0 to 1. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the PERCENTILE.EXC function in Excel.

Figure 1. Example of How to use the PERCENTILE.EXC Function


=PERCENTILE.EXC (array, k)


The PERCENTILE.EXC uses two arguments. They are:

  • Array – This argument is required. It represents the set of values from which we want to extract the kth percentile.
  • – This argument is also required. Any value between 0 to 1. It represents the Kth percentile.


The PERCENTILE.EXC function in Excel works on a set of values to find out the kth percentile. This represents the value below which k percent of values fall under. This function is very useful for financial statements. We need to keep in mind that the value of k has to be within 0 to 1.

Setting up Data

The following example uses an employee information data set. Column A, B and C contains the names, overtime and k values.

Figure 2. The Data Set to be Used

To find the results in column D using the PERCENTILE.EXC formula, we need to:

  • Select the cell D2.
  • Insert the formula =PERCENTILE.EXC(B2:B4,0.9) to D2.
  • Press Enter.

Figure 3. Applying the Formula to the Data Set

  • Drag the formula from cells D2 to D6 to copy the formula to the entire column.


  • Excel returns a #NUM error if the value of K is bigger than n/(n+1) or smaller than 1/(n+1).

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