Excel LARGE Function

What is the use of the Excel Large Function?

Many a time, it happens that we need to find out the largest number out of a long datasheet we have created. Finding the largest number manually is difficult and when the list of numbers is too long, it is a complete mess to look for the largest number. Hence, Excel provides you with this unique opportunity to utilize its LARGE function to get the largest number from an individual array or range.

In a nutshell, the Excel LARGE function will retrieve the nth largest value from the list.

Using the Excel LARGE function.


In the above formula, the range is the array of the excel sheet from which the largest number is to be found. The second argument says which nth largest number is to be found. It can be 1, 2, 3, 4 5, and so on.


Using the above formula, we can find out the largest number in an Excel row. For example, we have inserted 5 different digits from B5 to F5 and we want to know the largest number among them. The formula would be: =LARGE(B5: F5, 1)

Figure 1. Find the largest number using Large Function in Excel

The above screenshot explains the use of the LARGE function where the user has tried to find out the largest number from B2 to F2.

The Excel LARGE function can be used with other functions as well such as the AVERAGE function, the SUMPRODUCT function and so on.


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