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Learn how to Find the Sine of an Angle in Excel

Are you struggling with the concept of sine of an angle? Well, this might be quite a hustle for most of us. But it is quite easy to find the sine of any angle. This post will provide a clear way of how to find the sine of an angle in excel.

Figure 1. Final result

General syntax of the formula


Note that the value argument refers to the angle, which is expressed in radians.

Syntax for the radians


How the formula works

  • To get the sine of an angle in excel, we need to understand to use the SIN function as well as the RADIANS functions.
  • The RADIANS function is important due to the fact that the SIN function does not expect angles in degrees, but in radians instead.
  • The formula below can be used to combine the SIN and RADIANS functions for ease of finding the sine of an angle;

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