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Discover how to Create a Sine Graph in Excel

Creating a sine graph in excel might be a little bit hard if you do not understand the concept of the trigonometric itself. But with some knowledge about the trigonometric equations like the sine, cosine and tangent, you can easily draw the graph of either the sine, cosine or tangent in excel. This post will guide you on how to create a sine graph in excel.

Step 1: Get your data in an excel table

The first thing you need to do is have your data in an excel table. The data here refers to the angles in degrees, which needs to be converted into radians. For illustrative purposes, we have the table below to show our values in degrees in column A and the sine of the degrees in radians in column B.

Figure 1. Setting up the data

Step 2: Come up with graph

The next thing we need to do is use the Excel built-in graphs to come up with a graph that suits our data.

To do this, we are required to head to the Insert at the top, and click on the charts.

Figure 2. Insert graph

Step 3: Select the graph that you want to use to create the sine graph

Figure 3. Final result

  • The Excel built-in charts will help you create a sine graph with the data you have provided.
  • Note that the sine graph starts at zero and cuts the X-axis at zero.
  • The highest point of the sine graph, i.e. Y-axis, is 1, thus it will oscillate between 1 and -1.

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