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How to insert multiple rows in Excel?

One of the most basic functions we perform in Excel is inserting multiple rows, either to accommodate additional information or change the layout of our table.  

This article teaches us four different ways to insert multiple rows:  

  • Menu options
  • Insert copied rows
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Mouse and keyboard shortcut

Figure 1.  Final result:  How to insert multiple rows

Menu options to insert multiple rows

Note that Excel will insert rows above the rows that we select.  Suppose we want to insert two rows above row 7, we follow these steps:  

Figure 2.  Sample data to insert multiple rows

Select and insert multiple rows  

Step 1.  Select rows 7 and 8  

Figure 3.  Selecting rows where to insert multiple rows

Step 2.  Right-click and select Insert

Figure 4.  Selecting Insert in menu options

The data originally in row 7 will now be in row 9 and two blank rows are inserted above it.  

Figure 5.  Output: Insert multiple rows using menu options

Select a few cells only and insert multiple rows

Suppose we only selected cells B7 and B8, and not the entire rows.

Figure 6.  Selecting cells in Excel

When we click Insert, Excel will ask us to choose from four options.  Select Entire row in order to insert multiple rows.  

Figure 7.  Ticking Entire row in menu options

Figure 8.  Output: Insert entire rows

Insert copied cells to insert multiple rows

Another option is to copy a blank row and paste it anywhere in the worksheet.  

Step 1. Select a blank row (row 10) and press Ctrl + C to copy the row

Figure 9.  Selecting blank row to copy in Excel

Step 2.  Select the rows where we want to insert multiple rows (rows 6 to 8).  Right-click and select Insert Copied Cells.

Figure 10.  Inserting copied cells

The copied empty row will be inserted in rows 6 to 8.  

Figure 11.  Output: Insert multiple rows through copied cells

Keyboard shortcuts to insert multiple rows

We will learn three keyboard shortcuts to insert multiple rows:  


  • Alt, I, R


  • Ctrl + Plus
  • F4 to repeat last action



Keyboard shortcut #1: Alt, I, R

Step 1.  Select rows 7 and 8  

Figure 12.  Selecting rows where to insert multiple rows

Step 2.  Press the “Alt” key on the keyboard, followed by the letter “I”.

The Office access key message will pop-up.

Figure 13.  Office access key preview

Step 3.  Press the letter “R”.  Multiple rows will be inserted as shown below.  

Figure 14.  Output: insert multiple rows using keyboard shortcut Alt, I, R

Keyboard shortcut #2: Ctrl + Plus

For this shortcut, we need to press the Control key and Plus (“+”) key at the same time.  

  • On the numeric keypad, press Ctrl and +
  • On the main keypad, press Ctrl and Shift and +

The procedure is the same as in the previous example.  

Figure 15.  Selecting rows where to insert multiple rows

Pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Plus will insert multiple rows in our worksheet.  

Figure 16.  Output: insert multiple rows using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Plus

Using the F4 button

We can also make use of the F4 button to easily insert multiple rows.  

Step 1.  Select one row and right-click.

Figure 17.  Inserting one row

Step 2.  Select Insert. One row will be inserted above the selected row.

Figure 18.  Output: Insert one row

Step 3.  Press the F4 button on the keyboard. Note, that another row is inserted.  

Figure 19.  Insert additional row using F4 button

We can press the F4 button several times until we have inserted enough rows.  F4 is a special function in Excel that repeats the last action performed.

We can even select other rows and press F4 to insert multiple rows in other parts of the table.  In this case, we select row 10 and press F4 two times.  

Figure 20.  Output: Insert multiple rows using F4 button

Mouse and keyboard shortcut to insert multiple rows

There is another quick way to insert multiple rows by using the mouse and keyboard keys Ctrl and Shift.  

Step 1.  Select row 6

Figure 21.  Selecting row where to insert multiple rows

Step 2.  Hover the mouse on the lower right corner of the row number 6 until a plus sign appears.  

Figure 22.  Clicking the lower right corner of row number “6”

Step 3.  Click on that point and press Ctrl + Shift, while dragging the mouse down three rows.  

Figure 23.  Output: Insert multiple rows using mouse and keyboard shortcut

As a result, three rows are inserted after row 6.  

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