Round to nearest 1000

Round to nearest 1000

It happens many times that while working on Excel, we might need some mathematical calculations and round off a number to the nearest thousand. It would be easy to do if we have less numbers. But what when we have ample of them?  Our mind would surely be exhausted. But with excel’s ROUND function, we can easily round up a number to the nearest thousand without troubling our brain.


=ROUND(number, num_digits)


  • number- It is the number that has to be rounded off.
  • num_digits – These are those number of digits up to which it has to be rounded.

Generic formula

=ROUND (number, -3)

How does this formula work?

It is very easy to use this formula in excel. To round a number to the nearest 1000, the num_digits should be greater than 0, then it would be rounded off to the left of the decimal point. It will round off the numbers to a specified level of precision. It either rounds the number to the left or the right place of the decimal.

It would be better understood with an example.


Figure 1: Example of ROUND function

Here, in this example,

Formula used in C6  =ROUND (B6, -3)

The value in the cell B6 is 1341343 which shows the result as 1341000 after rounding off.

Here, in this case by placing -3, we are basically rounding off the number to the third place on the left which is the 1000’s place.

So, this was the tutorial on ROUND function of excel. We hope that this would help you in the future.


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