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Learn How to Round Multiple Cells at Once in Excel

The ROUND function is used to round a number to specified decimal places or the number of digits to the left or right of the decimal point. This article will step through how to round multiple cells at once to specified decimal places using the ROUND function while working with a large amount of data

Figure 1. Rounding Multiple Cells at Once

ROUND Multiple Cells With ROUND Function

Suppose we have numbers with several decimal places in multiple cells in a range B2: B11 and we need to round these numbers to 2 number of digits to the right of decimal point. In this case, the ROUND function will round the numbers 1-4 down and 5-9 up at the second decimal point. We need to achieve this task in the following steps:

  • Insert the ROUND formula =ROUND(B2,2) in the blank cell C2 and press Enter keyboard button. The numeric value of cell B2 will be rounded with two decimal places.

Figure 2. Applying the ROUND Formula in a Cell

  • Place the cursor in cell C2 and take the mouse pointer at right bottom corner and drag the + AutoFill handle to round the multiple cells value at once over the range of cells C3:C11.

Figure 3. Applying the ROUND Formula to Multiple Cells at Once

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