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Round a price to end in .99

We can use the Excel ROUND function then subtract to round price to end in .99 value. This post provides a clear guide on how this is done.

Figure 1: Using ROUND function to get values that end in .99

General syntax of the formula

=ROUND (price, 0) – 0.01


The excel ROUND function is fundamental when we want to round price values to the nearest .99. in the figure above, the formula in cell B2 is =ROUND (A2,0) -0.01

Given that the value in cell A2 is $34.75, the value is solved in the following way;

=ROUND (A2,0) -0.01

=ROUND ($34.75,0) -0.01



Notice that when we use the ROUND function and a zero, the function will round our value to the nearest whole number. Then 0.01 is subtracted from the whole number to get a value ending in .99


Figure 2: Example of how ROUND function is used t get values ending in .99

In this example, we want to round the prices in column B to get a result that ends in .99 in column C. to do this, we proceed as follows;

Step 1: Prepare your data, with Number and Result column.

Step 2: In cell C2, enter the formula as =ROUND (B2,0)-0.01

Step 3: Press Enter to get the result

Step 4: Copy down the formula to the other cells to get their results

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