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Round a Number Down To Nearest Multiple

We can round a number down to the nearest multiple using functions such as FLOOR and MROUND. Perhaps we are required to round a number down to the nearest dollar or something, how can we go about it? This post provides a clear way on how to round down a number to the nearest multiple.

Figure 1: Rounding a number to the nearest multiple

Syntax of the formula

  • =FLOOR (number, multiple)
  • =MROUND (number, multiple)

Understanding the formula

  •         The FLOOR function is fundamental when it comes to rounding a number down to the nearest multiple.
  •         This can also be done by the MROUND function.
  •         While we can also use the CEILING function, this will round a number up to the nearest multiple, and not down.

The FLOOR function can be specifically used to round down prices, times, instrument readings and many other numeric values.


Figure 2: Round a number to nearest multiple with FLOOR function

Step 1: Prepare your data, with the “number”, “multiple” and “result” columns clearly indicated.

Step 2: In cell E3 in the result column, specify the formula;

  • =FLOOR(C3,D3)

Step 3: Press Enter to get the result

Step 4: Copy down the formula to get results for the other cells

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