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Round a number down

Want to learn more about how to round a number down? This post will give you an overview of how to round a number down using the ROUNDDOWN function in Excel.




To round a number down regardless of the value of the number being rounded, the ROUNDDOWN function is used to return the digits rounded down to the number of specified digits.


For instance, the formula in cell F4 is

Figure 1. Example of using ROUNDDOWN functi0n

This formula tells Excel to take the numeric value in cell D4 and round it down to the specified decimal places in cell E4 (3) which gives 5499.945

Note that even though the 4th digit after the decimal in 5499.9456  is six (6), but it is still returned (rounded down) as 5499.945.

From the example shown, the ROUNDDOWN function is used to round the same numerical value (5499.9456) to a descending order of digits, starting at -3 and moving down past zero to -3.


Notice that positive digits round to the right of the decimal point, while negative digits and zero are rounded to the left.

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