Get integer part of a number

General formula

=TRUNC (numeric value)

Justification and Example:

Figure 1. Get integer part of a number

To eliminate the decimal point of a value and gives the result as whole number part, you can make use of the TRUNC function to eliminate the decimal portion.

In figure 1, the formula in cell C5 is:


TRUNC function truncates (i.e. eliminate) numbers; it does not round numbers at all.

How this formula functions

TRUNC does not round numbers to the nearest integer. TRUNC function is only to eliminate the decimal portion of the numeric value with default settings.

TRUNC really takes an optional second parameter to specify the exactitude of truncation, however after you do not provide this optional parameter, is zero the truncation takes place at the decimal portion.

About The ROUND or INT ?

You might be confused if you’ll be able to use the ROUND or INT  functions instead.

The way the INT function operates similarly to TRUNC for positive numerals — the INT function round a number down to succeeding number then gives only the whole number portion of the numerals.

for negative Values, the rounding that INT does this in a strange way.

This is as a result of INT rounds negative numbers down far from zero, regardless of what the decimal value. See the last examples in figure 1 above.

Due to the way TRUNC operate it is a better choice if you just need the integer portion of a number.

You’d be expecting, the round function rounds a number down or up. If you wish to round to the closest number, (negative or positive ) simply use:

=ROUND (numeric value, 0)

But bear in mind that the integer value also completely differs from the number you started with due to rounding.

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