Rank function example

The Rank function is used to rank a set of desired values on top of the list. Using this formula in MS Excel, you can easily rank the highest number on the top of the list.

General formula


Figure 1: RANK function

As shown in figure 1, there are two sets of data which is the names of students and the score each of the students has obtained in the exam. Using the RANK function in D6, we have determined the rankings of each student based on the highest score.

The general formula used in fig 1 is as below:


Where scores are the named range which is selected to be C6:C:10


The RANK function works on the basis of two major functions: when the lowest number is ranked first, the order = 1 and when the highest value is ranked first in which order = 0.

In fig 1, the highest number was ranked first, so in this case, the order was already 0.

The formula used in fig 1 can also be written as:


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