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Learn How to Use a Pivot Table to Find Unique Values in Excel

Excel allows us to find unique values in a Pivot table using the Distinct count option. This step by step tutorial will assist all levels of Excel users in finding unique values in a Pivot table.

Figure 1. Final result

Setting up Our Data for Finding Unique Values in a Pivot Table

Our table consists of 3 columns: “Month” (column A), “Salesman” (column B) and “Sales” (column C). In the Pivot table, we want to get the count of unique Salesmen per Month.

Figure 2. Data that we will use for the Pivot table creation

Creating the Pivot Table and Finding Unique Values

First, we will create the Pivot table step by step to show important settings for finding unique values. In the new Worksheet, we choose the option to insert a Pivot table on the Insert tab. Furthermore, we enter the range with our table on Worksheet “Table” – Table!$A$1:$C$13. It’s necessary to check the option “Add this data to the Data Model”:

Figure 3. Creating the Pivot table

When we insert the Pivot table, we put Month in rows and Salesman in values. By default, we get the count of all Salesmen by month:

Figure 4. Creating the Pivot table

As we want to count only unique Salesmen by month, we have to change settings of Salesman field in values. We need to click on “Count of Salesman” in Values and then on Value Field Settings:

Figure 5. Changing Value field settings for Salesmen count

On the pop-up screen, under the Summarize Values By tab, we need to select Distinct Count and click ok:

Figure 6. Distinct Count field setting

Now, in our table we have only unique Salesmen per month counted:

Figure 7. Unique values counted by month

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