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Learn How to Filter Large Amounts of Data in a Pivot Table

We can use the filters in our PivotTable to retrieve values that we are interested in. For instance, we can retrieve values between a certain number and another. The steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1- How to Filter Large Amounts of Data in a Pivot Table

Setting up the Data

  • We will use the created pivot table in figure 2 to illustrate how the filter tool works for Pivot Tables.

Figure 2- Setting up the Data

Value Filters

With the data in our Pivot table, we can use the value filter to check all client expenditure for those lesser than a particular amount. If we want to know the client(s) that spent less than 10,000 at once, we will do the following:


  • We will click on the drop-down arrow of Row Labels
  • We will click on value filters
  • We will select Greater Than or Equal To


Figure 3- Using Value Filters

  • We will insert the amount (10000) into the dialog box and click OK

Figure 4- Value Filter (Country) dialog box

Figure 5- Clients Whose Expenditure is Greater than or Equal to 10,000

  • When using filters, it is important to clear the filters after using them, else, they will apply to our next selection or use of the filter
  • In figure 6, after deselecting France, the previous filter of values Greater than or Equal To 10000 will still be applied to the result
  • We must use “Clear filter from Country” above Label filters in figure 6 if we do not want values Greater than or Equal To 10000 to apply

Figure 6- Clear filters

Top 2 Countries By Sum of Expenditure

  • We can use the value filters to find the Top 2 Countries by Sum of Expenditure.
  • We will clear all current filters and place our cursor on any country, e.g. Argentina
  • We will click on Row Labels, Value filters, and then, Top 10
  • We will insert the fields in figure 7 and press OK



Figure 7- Filter by Country based on Sum of Expenditure

Figure 8- Top 2 Countries By Sum of Expenditure


  • We must note that if we place our cursor on any client, the result will return as Top 2 Client by Sum of Expenditure


Label filters

  • We can use the Label filters to find values that contain certain text and several other parameters.
  • If we want to find countries that begin with F in our Pivot table, with our cursor on any country or on Rows Labels, we will click on Row Labels, Label filters and Begins with



Figure 9- Using Label Filters

  • We will enter “F” into the dialog box. This isn’t case sensitive

Figure 10- Label filter Dialog box

  • We will click OK

Figure 11- Values that begin with “F”

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