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Percent sold

Every now and then, we have to perform certain operations on our data. Such operations can be easily performed in Excel by making use of simple formulas. For example, if we have to calculate the percentage sold in some articles, then we can do it by creating a simple formula in Excel.

In a mathematical expression, a sold percentage is found by dividing the sold value by total value and multiplying the result by 100. This expression can be converted to an Excel formula by dividing the cell address containing sold items with the cell address containing total items.

In the above method, when we divide 2 quantities, a decimal number is returned, but we are looking for value in percentage. This can be easily attained by formatting cell.

Formatting cells in excel

Formatting cells refer to changing the appearance or format of the cell quantity/value without changing the value itself. For example, we can format the font, alignment, and change the type of numeric value (percentage, date, currency, general, decimal, etc).

The formula for percentage sold

In general, percentage sold


We can convert this into a formula with cell addresses.


In the example, we are calculating the percentage sold by dividing sold stationary with total stationery. In cell E6, we apply the formula as shown  




Figure 1: Illustration of sold percentage formula

Similarly, in F7 the same formula is applied along with changing the format of a cell.

On formatting the cell by making use of the Percentage number format, 0.481324278 is displayed as 48.13%. Similarly, you can apply the above formula to a hefty amount of data by dragging it, so that the result for other inputs can also be obtained.

Figure 2: Result of applying a formula to find the sold percentage

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