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How to Calculate the Percent Of Goal in Excel

In general, if you want to calculate the percent of goal, you can simply divide the actual to the expectation then percentage the result. In this tutorial, we will go through a sample to calculate the Goal percentage.

Percent Of Goal in Excel

Formula for percent of goal

= actual/goal

Explanation of formula

This formula can be applied to find target percentage, budget percentage, percent of forecast, etc.

Example 1

Calculate percent target of the total sale of fruit.

Applying general formula, to calculate the percent of the goal of Apple, we will input:

Formula: = E5/D5

Figure 1. Input formula to calculate the percent of target.


Dragging the formula from F5 to F10 to calculate the percent of the goal of all kinds of fruit and also the total.

Figure 2. Change the result format to percentage number format


In manually working, to find the percentage of a number, we will multiply by 100 to express in percentage.

While using excel, we can change the result format to percentage number format by highlight all the number and click on percentage.

Example 2

Alternative: Comparing the actuals to one common target

Figure 3. Example of a common goal

Note that the $E$3 is ensuring that the cell reference will not move as you copy the formula.

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