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How to Calculate Percent of Goal

Quickly find the Percent of Goal using simple Excel formulas. This tutorial will step you through how to calculate the percentage completion of any numeric goal..


Actual Results / Goal = Percent of Goal

Setting up Our Data

  • Setup our data so that we have the Actual Data in Column B, the Goal in Column C and a blank Column D which will be where we enter the formula

Figure 1 – Setting up the Data

Calculate Percent of Goal

  • In cell D3 type this formulas =B3/C3
  • Copy the formula in D3 down to D8
  • We see in the example Excel calculates the percent goal for each office
  • Excel defaults the result in decimal format, so be sure to change the cell format to percent

Figure 2 – Calculating the Percent of Goal

*This formula will not work with a negative goal. Instead, use this formula:

= (actual-goal)/ABS(goal)+1

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