Get total from percentage

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Using MS Excel, you can easily find out the total of any given percentage. In order to get total from percentage, you must have a percentage that represents some part of the total amount. When you have the required data, you can easily find out the total by simply dividing the total amount by the given percentage.

Get total from the percentage


The general formula that is used to calculate total from percentage is as follows:

= total amount / percentage

Example 1


Figure 1. Get total from Percentage

Form the figure we can see that we have different amounts given for different expenses in the data. The percentage of the amount is also in the column D. we can easily calculate the total by dividing amount with percentage as shown in the figure.
In the above figure the formula used in E7 is:

= C7/ D7

Using this formula, the total is automatically calculated in the cell E7, which is $1,111.11

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