Get amount with percentage

If you have totals and percentages show a portion of the total in Excel, you can use the multiplication symbol (*) to quickly find an amount that represents a certain percentage of the original value. This method is very easy to use in excel.

To get amount with the percentage of the total, use a multiplication formula, using cell references instead of numbers.





Get amount with percentage uses the following arguments:

  • Total: It is the total amount of some calculation.
  • Percent: It is a percentage whom you wish to calculate the amount from the total value.

Example 1

As shown in the figure the total cost of day 1 is 600 and we want to find 20% of the total cost. To get a mount with a percentage, we will use a simple excel formula, B2*C2. This formula will multiply the value place in B2(600) and percentage placed in C2(20% or 0.20).

We will use this formula in D2 cell and will drag it down for all values, It will simply calculate results. Figure 1. Example of geting amount with the percentage

Example 2

Suppose we have a bookstore, we wish to give our customers an of 20% off on all products. By using formula “ =B2*C2 ” we will get the amount of percentage that is off on each product.


Figure 2. Example of getting amount with the percentage

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