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Get amount with percentage

You can use a simple formula to calculate the amount that is being represented by a given percentage if you are supplied with a total and a percentage that represents some amount of the total. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get amount with percentage with excel.

Figure 1 – Quick Explanation

Syntax of the formula

=total * percentage

Understanding the formula

For us to calculate the amount, we need to simply multiply the ‘totals’ cell by the ‘percentage’ cell. The result we get shall reflect the amount spent on that particular item.

Figure 2 – Final result

When working, we need to format the percentage column to reflect the percentages. This will simplify your work of multiplying the cell references. In the example above, we have calculated the amount of each expenses. The results are in column D.  In cell D2 for example, we have used the formula =B2*C2. This has given us the amount of the amount of the water expense.

To get the amount for the other cells, we simply copy down the formula across the other cells.

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