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Decrease by percentage

Microsoft Excel is used for various functions and purposes. You can also decrease an amount, figure, or number in the respective cell using a formula. However, you should be careful of the formula when using it. The following guideline describes calculating decrease by percentage using a step-to-step approach:

Estimating a decrease in figure using percentage:

Figure 1. Example of estimating and calculating a decrease by a percentage




If you are required to use Microsoft Excel for decreasing a value of a figure using a certain percentage then, you can simply use the above-given formula, which would multiply the number with the given percentage. Next, -1 should be excluded from the value for estimating the desired figure.

How the formula works:

In the example attached above, you can see that the active cell uses the given formula for making the calculations:


Using this example, let’s proceed further with the explanation. Excel first estimates the outcomes which would be garnered using 1-, and it would result in (0.9). The value is simply multiplied by the value in C4 (80) for estimating the final outcome of 72.

= 80*(1-*0.10)

= 80*(0.9)


You should be careful when subtracting the given percentage from 1, when it comes to devaluating a figure. If you miss this step then, you will get the figure represented by the percentage.

Using the formula and procedure given above, you can calculate a decrease by percentage in a given price or amount. You should be familiar with how the formula works in Excel. The formula is simple to use, and anyone can use it for calculating large-sized datasets for calculating decrease by percentage:

  • You should be familiar with the price of the item. For instance, you can see groceries in B4 cell, which was purchased for $80. Open an Excel Sheet, and enter the value in a cell of your choice.

Figure 2. Enter the total Price

  • Next, you should enter the discount rate in a cell block next to groceries’ total cost. In this case, the given discount rate (percentage) is 10%. You should specify the discount rate by adding % next to the figure. Have a look below:

Figure 3. Enter the Discount Percentage

  • Now, in the final cell, you will enter excel formula to get an original price from percentage discount. Use the following screenshot for help

Figure 4. Enter the Formula to Calculating Decrease by Percentage

  • Once you have entered the formula, look for any errors prior to hitting the Enter button using your keyboard. It will give you the required amount, which is shown as follows:

Figure 5. Hit Enter button for calculating decrease by a percentage

Notes on using decrease by percentage feature:

  • Specify the number of cell number for the product and cell number for discount rate in the formula bar.
  • Look for any symbols in the cells which could disrupt the calculation process, and eliminate it accordingly
  • You can simply enter the formula in the top cell of the list, and drag it all way down for calculating the rest of the products.

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