Split payment across months

How to Distribute an Amount across Months

Assuming you want to DISTRIBUTE/SPLIT a certain amount across some months, it is possible by integrating the AND function with a formula. For instance, if you want to SPLIT 10,000 into 5 particular months like the example we will treat shortly, the generic formula below is what will apply.


In the example below, for CELL F8, the formula is given as


How to Distribute/ Split an Amount across Months

Step 1

Input your data as shown in figure 1 below.

Step 2

Click on Cell F8 as shown in figure 2 and type the content as shown on the figure into the fx bar. This is the content of the fx bar below.


Step 3

Click on the ENTER button. You should have the result in figure 3 below.


In Cell F8, the AND function will return true when the conditions of the following are met are according to the formula, =B7/B8*AND(F7>=B9F7<(B9+B8)).

  • The value in Cell F7 (3) MUST be GREATER than or EQUAL TO START.
  • The value in Cell F7 (3) MUST be LESSER than the sum of the month we intend to start the distribution (2) plus the total number of months (5) we want to evenly distribute the amount.

Any value which isn’t returned as TRUE is displayed as zero as shown in figure 4 above. Now, can you guess based on this explanation what Cell G8 will display?

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