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How to Search Multiple Worksheets for Value

We can search MULTIPLE WORKSHEETS for a certain value and get a numeric count for the number of occurrence of the value with a formula that integrates the COUNTIF and the INDIRECT function. The steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1: How to Search Multiple Worksheets for Value


The formula in Cell C7 is:


Setting up the Data

We will set up the data to search for Peter and get a numeric count by doing the following:

  • We will open an EXCEL WORKSHEET
  • We will type the data into the PRIMARY SHEET, FIRST SHEET, SECOND SHEET, and THIRD SHEET. On the FIRST SHEET, SECOND SHEET, and THIRD SHEET, we are searching for the number of times the name PETER appears.
  • Note: We have similar data in the FIRST SHEET, SECOND SHEET, and THIRD SHEET


Figure 2: Setting up the Data

Search Multiple Worksheets for Value

To search the first, second and third sheet for the name PETER, we will do the following:


  • We will click on Cell C7 in the PRIMARY SHEET


  • We will insert the formula below into Cell C7



  • We will press the enter key


Figure 3: Search and Count for PETER in the FIRST SHEET

  • We will use the fill handle to drag down and copy the formula into Cells C8 and C9

Figure 4: Search and Count for PETER in the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD SHEET

  • We will sum the count by clicking on Cell C11 and input the formula below


  • We will click the ENTER button

Figure 5: Sum of the Number of Occurrences of PETER in the FIRST, SECOND and THIRD SHEET


The INDIRECT function returns as a text the value in Cell C4 of the Primary Sheet. The COUNTIF function counts the number of cells that the text appears in as returned by the INDIRECT function and returns the value which is 5 for each sheet. The SUM function totals the count of the range C7:C9 to give 15.

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