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Reverse a list or range

Reversing a List or Range of Values

Oh, yes! So she typed the data in the opposite order that you wanted. How devastating can that be? Well, once you read through this article in a few minutes, you will see that you will solve this issue with the wave of your hand.

If you have a LIST or RANGE of values that you want to put in REVERSE ORDER, this can be done by integrating the COUNTA and ROW functions with the INDEX function.

The formula that is used for Cell C4 is given below:


$B$4:$B$12 is the range or list of values

When using this formula, be careful not to leave spaces between the characters and also take the precaution of not missing a character. It could result in a sweaty adventure!


Step 1

  • Input the data as shown below

Step 2

  • Click on CELL C4
  • Once clicked, type in or paste the string below


Step 3

  • Click on the Enter button. Your result should be as shown in figure 4
  • Click on Cell C4 which now displays GATE. Double click on the little box to the right of P below and drag down. Your result should be as shown in figure 5





The INDEX function operates by receiving as an array what the other functions returns.

The COUNTA function returns the count for all items in the range that aren’t in blank cells (Cells B4 TO Cell B12).

The FIRST ROW function which contains a list of the items returns the FIRST CELL NUMBER on the list or values.

The LAST ROW function gives the PRESENT ROW number that the formula is present in.

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