Most frequently occurring number

Excel can be a real pain when someone doesn’t know what they are doing. This is why we use formulas to solve our problems. You might need to calculate the most frequently occurring number when there is a list of numbers with duplicates. Counting them one by one is a waste of time when a simple formula can make your work efficient.




We are going to use the MODE function here to find out the most frequently occurring number in the range. Excel MODE function is a set containing the data value that appears the most in any data. Here in excel, we will see the repetition of numbers in a range. MODE shows us the density, the real value, a peak in the data.

Example 1

In figure 1, the formula in M4 is:


The MODE function works automatically while returning or calculating the exact occurring number in any rage or data.

Figure 1: Calculating the most frequently occurring number in Excel

In the above example for the M4, our calculation would be:




Example 2

Let’s take another example. It’s a simple example that will help you to understand better about the MODE function for calculating most frequently occurring number.

Figure 2: Calculating the most frequent number in Excel

For example;



So, this is easy and the most efficient way to calculate the frequently occurring number in Excel.


  • Sometimes, in any rage or data, there can be more than one MODE. So, don’t be afraid that you are doing something wrong. There can be more than one MODE.
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