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Leave a comment in a formula

Want to leave a comment in a formula without disrupting its appearance or functioning? We have got you covered in this regard, see below to learn how to do it in the perfect manner. Here is the formula by which we leave a comment in a formula.


The syntax to leave a comment in a formula is:



Here we will use an effective tool in leaving a comment which results in a numeric form. It is one of the most important functions of Excel denoted as N. This function is easy to apply and operates effectively. You need to remember that this method works only for those formulas which generate numeric results.

The N here is quite handy as it lets you leave a comment in-cell without causing any other changes. The N function returns a value when you give it a number, whereas, it returns a 0 if you insert a text value or string in it. It means that both the formula and (N) work together successfully where formula returns a numeric value.


The example given above used a simple and basic formula written below:

=SUM(F5:F8)+N("Q4 numbers are estimates")

The evaluation is done in the following manner:

=SUM(F5:F8)+N("Q4 numbers are estimates")

=SUM(F5:F8) + 0


When you have successfully left a comment, it will become visible as soon as you select the respective cell.

So, this is how one can easily leave a comment in a formula in Excel. Just remember to use the N function as it is the most effective and efficient way of performing this process.

Figure 1. Leave a comment in a formula by following simple and easy steps

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