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Get pivot table grand total

Are you looking for easy ways to get pivot table grand total? If yes, then you have stepped into the right place. We know that Excel terms and formulation can be tough. When it comes to getting the pivot table grand total, we use the GetPivotData function. This function is always responsible or behind an accurate calculation in the pivot table.

How do we get pivot table grand total in Excel?

=GETPIVOTDATA("field name",pivot_ref)


If your goal is to get the grand total in the pivot table, we will use the function we mentioned before which is the GetPivotData function.


We always use the pivot table when it comes to the value field. It highlights the accurate answers to your questions without any error.


Let’s take an example for better understanding so there is no space left for confusion. We are taking random data in figure 1 below.

Figure 1: How to get pivot table grand total in Excel


The formula we are using in the above example is:


This is just a random calculation for better understanding so while you are practicing it you can use the other cells too. By this, you will get the best and accurate results. This formula makes sure that you get the exact subtotal we are looking for. By the above formula, we get the grand total for sales or for the specific cell.

Always remember to use the =GETPIVOTDATA(“Sales”,$B$4) for calculating the pivot table grand total.


Pivot table includes the average, SUM etc. functions too.

Importance of Pivot table or its function:

It has a great importance as it is responsible for handling large data. The pivot data helps in large data calculations which are done quickly and easily. It also helps in building unique values and summarize the whole data.

So, this was a short and easy guide for all those who are looking for quicker ways to get the pivot table grand total.

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