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Get first entry by month and year

Get first entry by month and year

For those who want to get first entry by month and year in Excel, here is a simple and easy guide. Excel calculations and formula can be tough, which is why we offer an easy way to understand that how one can attain first entry in any small and large data.

How to get the first entry by month and year:



We are going to use the LOOKUP function here. By using it, we will get an exact and error-free answer or the first entry ever did in data. Here with the LOOKUP function, we are linking INDEX, MATCH and TEXT function that will get the first entry by month and year.


We are taking a random example as you can see in below Figure 1. Here we will use the following formula:


Figure 1.Get first entry by month and year in excel by a simple formula


For people who don’t know the basic Excel use, you can enter the array formula by clicking control, shift and enter together.

Numerical description of using this formula:

The inside-out formula is:


This formula is linked up with the TEXT function that identified the first cell and highlights it. Or give the exact answer we are looking for. Like here, this is the array of data:


True is the actual number which we are looking for. It is also obvious that a data can have multiple first entries related to start of month and year so they all appear from which you can get your exact value. Some people also prefer to use the INDEX function which is easy to use too.

The numerical representation of INDEX formula is:


So, this is how you get first entry by month and year. Don’t worry if you get multiple answers as this is natural if you have different first entries. By using the above formula we used in Figure, you will always get exact answers.


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