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Get Date Associated with Last Entry

Figure 1. of Date Associated with Last Entry in Excel.

In order to determine a calendar date corresponding with the last data entry in our Excel sheet, we can used the Excel LOOKUP Function. This article will step through the process.

Generic Formula


Where row is the total range of cells containing the data entries and header is the range of cells containing the headers for the columns used in our worksheet.

How to use the Excel LOOKUP Function.

We are now going to demonstrate the usage of the Excel LOOKUP Function in the following three simple steps;

  1. Collect and arrange the data values in our Excel sheet. In the example illustrated below, we are working with sales entries along with corresponding calendar dates.

Figure 2. of Sales Records with Calendar Dates.

  1. For us to obtain the date associated with the last entry in our worksheet, we will enter the following formula into the formula bar for cell G2 in the example illustrated below.


Figure 3. of LOOKUP Function in Excel.

The formula will lookup the specified range of cells containing the calendar entries and automatically return the calendar date associated with the last entry.

  1. Modify and copy the formula above into the other cells in the LAST ENTRY column of our worksheet, to get the desired results.

Figure 4. of Date Associated with Last Entry in Excel.


  • Our LOOKUP value = 2, and the largest value in the LOOKUP range is 1. Hence the LOOKUP Function will match the last 1in our specific cell range.

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