Get date associated with last entry

For those who are looking for a simple and easy way to get date associated with last entry, you have stepped in right place. Getting a date associated is a little tricky so here is an easy guide for making your learning easier about Excel.

How to get date associated with last entry



If you want to associate, a date with the last entry there will be always a data in tabular form. We are using here LOOKUP function here in order to associate the last date.

Example 1

Let’s take a random example.

Figure 1: Get data associated with last entry by LOOKUP function in Excel

In the above figure, we are using:


Inside out description of this formula:


Here we are looking for the TRUE one. After this a new array is formed which is:


Here 1 is the lookup vector. The lookup value was 2 but here we have the largest value 1 in data.


The above formula we applied in Figure1 gives the real values or the real result vector in the end.

Example 2

There might be sometimes when you have cells with 0 in it. So don’t worry, we have another formula for it. Let’s take a look at a new example to understand better.

Here is the new data in the given table below:

Figure 2: Dealing with blank spaces in order to get associated with last entry

The formula we applied here is:


Important note

The LOOKUP function is not only for large data but also for small data. If you are looking for a number or cell in a list of 100, you can use it too. The LOOKUP function is also used with TEXT, SUM, INDEX and many other functions according to your requirements.

But, for now, who wanted to get date associated with last entry, this is an easy guide. It solves you both problems for a simple data or complex data which have blanks with 0.

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