Change negative numbers to positive

Change negative numbers to positive

There is a large need for converting either the negative numbers to positive or vice versa. Let us now see how to change negative numbers to positive in Excel.

How to do this in Excel?

The Excel built-in function called ABS function is used to convert the negative numeric values to positive values and retain them along.

Generic formula


How does the formula work?

  1. The above function (ABS) is a built-in function in Excel and is a complete automatic function. There is no need to put lots of efforts on this function, just you need to provide a numeric value or provide the cell number containing the number.
  2. The Excel ABS function always returns an absolute value.


If negative numbers need to be converted to positive numbers only once, then this following procedure can be followed.

  1. First, add a ‘-1’ to a cell in the Excel worksheet.
  2. Copy this and then select the negative numeric values for conversion
  3. Now use the “paste special>required_values+multiply”


Let us consider a random range of negative numbers and convert them to positive values using the ABS built-in function. The result obtained is as shown in the below figure.

Figure 1. The result obtained when applied ABS function

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