Build hyperlink with VLOOKUP

The HYPERLINK function requires 2 arguments: link_location and friendly_name (optional). You can insert the VLOOKUP function in the first argument to build a hyperlink from a retrieved lookup link.

Generic Formula


Example and Explanation

This formula helps you create a hyperlink from a lookup link value. The HYPERLINK function sets up a working hyperlink with the lookup link from the VLOOKUP function. For example, to get the link in G4 with the name in F4, select G4 and insert this formula:


VLOOKUP lookups the value in F4 (YouTube) and collects the URL from column 2 of the reference table B3:C5. The value is a link in C4 and VLOOKUP is set to take the exact match. This link serves as the link_location argument in the HYPERLINK function, which creates a hyperlink with the friendly_name argument in F4 (YouTube) and the given link.

Figure 1.Building a hyperlink with a lookup link


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