nth smallest value

How to Get nth Smallest Value in Excel

If you have a set of data and you want to get the 2nd smallest value, 3rd smallest value and so on in excel, then SMALL function is one of the recommended. It is straightforward to apply and to learn.

Generic Formula

=SMALL(range, nth)

Application Example

Assume that you have employees’ data and you would want to get names of the least paid employees in the company on hour basis. What you need is to apply the SMALL function and you’ll get an instant result. Check out this example:

  Figure 1. Example 1 of SMALL Function

From the example, the formula in G7 is:


……where C6:C15 are the payments per hr.

How the SMALL Formula Works

The SMALL function works automatically once you supply a range and an integer for “nth” which specifies the ranked value you are looking. In excel, these arguments are “array” and “k.” That is simply how the formula works.


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