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Minimum value

If you have a set of data or numbers and you want to get a minimum value in excel, the MIN function would be the perfect formula. The applicant of the function or the formula is straightforward.

Generic Formula:


Example Application

The best application example of this formula is a classroom set up. Assuming you are a teacher, and you have a list of students’ result in particular papers. How do you get minimum value in excel? MIN is the best function to work with. Check out this example:

Figure 1. Example 1 of MIN Function

From this example, the formula in H6:


How the MIN function Works

MIM function is one of the simplest and highly effective excel formulas to apply. The function is fully automatic thus making it easy to apply. The function accepts one or even more arguments, including numbers and cell references pointing to numbers, then returns the minimum. That’s simply how the function.

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