Larger of two values

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Just as it is with using other formulas in Excel to solve many different issues, you can also use Excel to determine the larger of two values. This post will guide you on how to determine the Larger of two values using a formula approach in Excel.

Larger of two values


The general formula showing how to determine the larger of the two cells’ values is:



The MAX function is inbuilt in Excel and it allows a user to get the larger value between the two numbers.

Example 1


Larger of two values


Figure 1: determine the Larger of two values


In figure 1 above, the formula in F7 is:


The MAX function tests the two numbers provided and returns the larger value. In this example, it will compare values in cells C7 and D7 and return the larger one in the cell F7.

The general formula above can also be written with “IF” syntax thus:

= IF(C7>=D7, C7,D7)

The MAX function may be a compact and better replacement to the IF function. It contains no redundant references and also less prone to errors.

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