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Learn How to Use MEDIAN and IF to Find the Median When There are Conditions

With knowledge of excel MEDIAN and IF functions, it is now possible to get the median of values that meet a given criteria. Note that excel does not have MEDIANIF as a function. But by combining these two functions, we can be able to achieve our goals. This post provides a clear guide on how to use a combination of MEDIAN and IF functions to get the median when there are conditions.

Figure 1. Final result

General syntax of the formula

{=MEDIAN(IF(range=criteria, median_range))}

Understanding the formula

This formula is a combination of two functions, the MEDIAN and IF functions. Note that we do not have a single function in excel that combines MEDIAN and IF functions.

But for us to get the median based on set conditions, we need to use both of these functions.

In the example above, our criteria is to get median based on item named A. column A shall be our range, while B will be the median_range.

We then set our formula as shown below;


It is important to remember that this is an array formula, thus needs to be entered by Control + Shift + Enter.

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