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Excel SIGN Function

Excel sign function is a built-in function in excel that is classified as a Trigonometry or Mathematics function. It is one of the useful function of excel and also used along with IF function. It returns the sign of a number. The Sign function will return 1, if the number is positive. If the number has negative value, excel sign function will return -1. The Sign function will return zero when the number is zero.

The syntax of excel sign function is:


  1. Where ‘Number’ is the number whose sign is needed.
  2. Usually, it is the cell reference for the number being tested.


In this example, I have added numbers in column B from B5: B10 to return the sign for in column C from C5: C10 correspondingly. As seen from the GIF representation, excel sign function returns +1 for a positive number, 0 for 0, and -1 for a negative number.

Figure 1. Example of Excel Sign Function


  • SIGN(number) will return 1, If the number is in the range (0,∞)(number).
  • SIGN(number) will return -1, if the number is in the range (-∞,0).
  • SIGN(number) will return 0, if the number is equal to zero.
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