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How to Use the Excel Sign Function

We can use the excel sign function to return the sign of a number. The sign function returns:

  • Number zero as 0
  • A positive number as 1
  • A negative number as -1

The steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1: How to Use the Excel Sign Function





Setting up the Data

  • We will set up the data by inputting the NUMBERS into Column A
  • Column B is where we want the SIGN FUNCTION to return the result

Figure 2: Setting up the Data

Using the Excel Sign Function

  • We will click on Cell B4
  • We will insert the formula below into the cell
  • We will press the enter key

Figure 3: Result of the Sign Function for Cell A4

  • We will click on Cell B4 again
  • We will double-click on the fill handle (the small plus sign at the bottom right of Cell B4) and drag down to copy the formula into the other cells

Figure 4: Result of the Sign Function for Column A

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