Excel ROMAN Function

Microsoft Excel is widely acknowledged for its versatility. It is commonly used for sorting out lists of numeric, text strings, alphanumeric, email, postal addresses, ZIP Codes, and so on. However, it also comprises of a unique and simple option which enable its users to convert regular whole numbers into ROMAN numbers. The following tutorial and pictorial illustrates that how a user can follow simple steps for finding out Excel ROMAN function on an Excel Spreadsheet.

Finding Out Excel ROMAN Function Using Excel:

Figure 1. Example of converting numbers into roman numbers using Excel ROMAN function




Microsoft Excel features a number of variations among numeric values. These numeric values could be converted into a desirable format using excel features. If you are considering converting whole numbers into roman numbers then, you can simply use Excel ROMAN function for obtaining the roman numbers.

A user is simply required to insert the function into a cell and press ENTER for converting a whole number into a roman number. If it is required to convert a long list of whole numbers into roman figures then, it can simply insert a formula in one cell, and it can use the arrow motions for dragging the formula down a column or straight in a row.

How does the formula work?

If you look at the example given above, you can see that we used the following setup for converting the numbers in Column B:

Figure 2. Example of converting numbers into roman numbers using Excel ROMAN function

Once the user presses ENTER, the value of (110) would be converted into (CX)—which is its counterpart. As mentioned previously, a user can simply drag the formula across the column, and the Excel ROMAN function would automatically generate Roman numbers of the corresponding whole numbers—as illustrated in Figure1.


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